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Article: [New product information] Sweet Melody Maker

【新商品情報】スウィートメロディーメーカー Sweet Melody Maker

[New product information] Sweet Melody Maker

Thank you for always using the Mokutopia official online store.

"Sweet Melody Maker" is now on sale!

Children can make sounds and move things by their own movements, giving them a sense of accomplishment with their five senses, and stimulating their curiosity and wanting to do more! It brings out the desire.

You can also play by hitting the xylophone on the top board with a stick, giving you two ways to play.
It comes with two sticks, so you can play with both hands, or siblings or parents and children can enjoy playing together. It comes with a musical score with the notes in the same color as the keyboard, so you can play the melody even if you can't read music.

You can train your fingertips such as the strength and weakness of playing the keyboard, develop spatial awareness by hitting a target location with a stick, and develop the ability to distinguish colors and sounds.

Why not try living with trees and incorporating the warmth of trees into your daily life?

[Sweet Melody Maker]