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Article: [New product information] Akita cedar “aroma oil” and “aroma diffuser”


[New product information] Akita cedar “aroma oil” and “aroma diffuser”

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We have started selling " Akita Sugi Akita Cedar Aroma Oil " and " Towada Stone and Akita Cedar Aroma Diffuser "!

[Akita Sugi Akita Cedar Aroma Oil]
The scent you feel when taking a forest bath is alpha-pinene, which is also found in many trees and the essential oil ``Akitasugi''.
Alpha-pinene is highly effective in promoting quality sleep, and is said to be helpful in relaxing, refreshing, recovering from fatigue, and increasing immunity.
Enjoy it anywhere you like by dripping it onto an aroma diffuser or aroma stone (sold separately).

[Towada stone and Akita cedar aroma diffuser]
Towada stone, which is mined in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, is used as an aroma stone.
The vessels are made from 100-year-old Akita cedar, which is a luxurious type of cedar.
Both are carefully finished one by one by skilled craftsmen.

Why not try living with trees and incorporating the warmth of trees into your daily life?

[Aroma Workshop Tsukinoshizuku]