[New product information] Yamanaka Lacquerware BORDER B Jubako Φ105×H96(mm)

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We have started selling " Yamanaka Lacquerware BORDER B Jubako Φ105 x H96 (mm) "!

Yamanaka Lacquerware from Yamanaka Onsen is known for its highly skilled wood turning techniques, so much so that it is called the Yamanaka of Wood.
Normally, the wood is finished with lacquer, but the natural expression of the wood before the lacquer is applied is utilized.
hako is a stackable canister that looks like building blocks with only the lid colored.
In addition to storing food and using it as a bento box or jubako, it can also be used in a variety of situations as a container for small items.

[Yamanaka Lacquerware BORDER B Jubako Φ105×H96(mm)]