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Article: [New product information] Bitter Colors wooden bowl

【新商品情報】ビターカラーズ 木彩椀

[New product information] Bitter Colors wooden bowl

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We have now started selling " Wooden Bowl Bitter Colors Wooden Bowl "!

Introducing a bitter-colored wooden bowl that can be used casually and matches any Japanese or Western dining table or cuisine.
Since it is made of wood, it has strong insulation properties, and the round shape is cute even when serving salad or rice.
This vessel can be used for both chic and pop depending on the color combination.
Enjoy it in a variety of situations, such as a white and red bowl for a celebratory gift, or a blue and white bowl for a summer table, as a gift or for your home!

Why not try living with trees and incorporating the warmth of trees into your daily life?

[Wooden bowl Bitter Colors wooden bowl]