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A new proposal for Akita cedar


We introduce and sell techniques and products that utilize Akita cedar.



About AAREA (area)

AAREA processes and sells prefecture-produced and locally sawn wood and materials, mainly Akita cedar and hardwood, and also produces and sells furniture and miscellaneous goods using them.

Think about akitasugi

Thinking about Akita cedar

Akita cedar, a wood that has been loved and used since ancient times, is full of charm with its beautiful grain, supple texture, and refreshing scent.

However, in modern times, with the use of foreign wood and changes in Japanese lifestyles, the demand for Akita cedar has decreased dramatically.

Is it possible to convey the charm of Akita cedar? Is it possible to create products that make you feel closer to Akita cedar?
There should be a new form of Akita cedar that is in tune with modern culture.

With that in mind, we set out to do something.

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