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[For wedding gifts] Wooden miscellaneous goods that will please your superiors

I am very happy to receive congratulations from my superiors on my wedding day.
We would like to send a tasteful family gift to express our daily gratitude and to express our gratitude for your continued support.
How about wooden miscellaneous goods in such a case?

Like a house or furniture, it lasts for a long time, and as you use it, it gains flavor and becomes attached to it.
Perfect for a wedding gift.

be pleasing to superiors

Recommended wooden miscellaneous goods

  1. 木の温もりで心のこもったプレゼント
  2. 飽きの来ないデザインを
  3. 長く使える日用品

wooden plate

A heartfelt gift with the warmth of wood

How about a wooden plate whose material, size, and wood grain all speak for themselves?

Akita cedar KACOMI comes in two colors, white and black, and the sizes are 5 sun, 6 sun, 7 sun, 8 sun, 9 sun, 1 shaku, 1 shaku 1 sun, 1 shaku 2 sun, 1 shaku 5 sun, and 2 shaku 5 sun. Available in various sizes.

Available in mm sizes: 150mm, 180mm, 210mm, 240mm, 270mm, 300mm, 330mm, 360mm, 450mm, 750mm.

The large size is likely to be appreciated by homes that have many visitors.
You can choose according to your budget and purpose.

It will become more flavorful as you use it.

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神代ケヤキと神代スギのトレイ 40cm

Kamishiro wooden tray

A timeless design

Kamishiro zelkova and Kamishiro cedar tray 40cm

This tray is made from precious ancient wood (buried wood).
The edges are made of zelkova, so they are hard and durable.
The bottom plate is made of cedar and features a beautiful heathered grain.
Please come and experience the beauty, heathered grain, and finish of Jindai wood, which has a unique color.

It has a simple design that can also be used as a placemat, so it can be used for any occasion.

Carefully finished by craftsmen, it is durable and can be used for a long time.

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wooden ice cube

Daily necessities that can be used for a long time

Ice bucket 5 inch magewappa ice container

A masterpiece made from luxurious natural cedar trees that are over 150 years old.
Due to its low thermal conductivity, ice does not melt easily and lasts a long time.
It will create a gorgeous atmosphere in the place without overpowering your presence.

The set with wooden tongs gives it the look of a high-end restaurant.
It's sure to be a hit with any family having an evening drink.

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