[If you want to go on a diet] KyutarouBLUE series: traditional beauty and food revolution

Enjoy traditional and innovative gourmet cuisine with blue wooden tableware

Kyutaro's KyutarouBLUE series is a product that brings traditional beauty and a revolution in food.
Backed by the history and trust that has continued since the founder, Kyutaro Somei, this series uses blue wooden tableware to make your meals even more special.
We would like to introduce our passion for Lacquerware Kyutaro and the characteristics of our products.

  • A family carrying on traditions
  • Kutaro Somei’s brilliant career
  • Modern trust and creativity
  • KyutarouBLUE series

A family carrying on traditions

Lacquerware Kyutaro was started by the first generation Kutaro Somei, and the third and fourth generations have continued to nurture the Kyutaro brand while preserving its tradition and trust.

Rabbit baby bowl vermilion set (spoon and chopsticks)
うさぎベビー椀 朱色セット(スプーン・箸)

Kutaro Somei’s brilliant career

The outstanding career of Kyutaro Somei I is the pride of Lacquerware Kyutaro. His achievements are wide-ranging, including being awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Fifth Class.

Modern trust and creativity

Inheriting the trust of their grandfather, the third and fourth generations plan and manufacture the Kyutarou brand from Echizen and offer it to everyone.

Bitter Colors Wooden Bowl

KyutarouBLUE series

Blue wooden tableware, KyutarouBLUE series, provides a gastronomic combination of dining and innovation.

The color blue is said to have a high affinity with food, and you can enjoy its magic.

Kyutarou BLUE double-sided round plate std φ20×22mm

Blue lacquerware is said to affect the color of food and appetite. Controls the amount of food you eat and supports diet effects.

Lacquerware Kyutaro BLUE series can be purchased at Mokutopia

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