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Akita cedar x mahogany

●Akita cedar (pure white)
Because Akita cedar grows slowly over a long period of time in the cold Akita land, the grain of the wood is extremely dense and orderly, making it an excellent building material.
Shinboku uses the ``white fat'' from the surrounding area of ​​the log, a rare part called ``pure white'' that does not contain any red meat, and only a small amount of which can be removed. It is characterized by its transparent white color, like the first snow that does not stain.

Mahogany, which is native to Central and South America, is a high-quality wood that is considered one of the world's third-generation precious woods, and is popular around the world as a material for furniture, fittings, flooring, and musical instruments.
It has a glossy reddish-brown wood surface, is easy to work with, and is resistant to warping and twisting. As the years pass, the color deepens and the luxurious feel becomes more refined.