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Walnut x Akita cedar

It is one of the world's three most precious woods, along with teak and mahogany, and is a high-quality wood with a perfect balance of purple-tinged reddish-brown skin and luster, elegant wood grain, and excellent workability.
It has been widely used in England and other countries since the 15th century, and the same material is used in many antique furniture, and is now popular as an interior material for luxury hotels.

●Akita cedar (red meat)
Akita cedar, which is counted as one of Japan's three most beautiful forests, grows little by little over many years in a snowy country with little sunshine each year, so the grain of the wood is beautifully and precisely arranged, making it an excellent material for construction and interior decoration. Demonstrates performance.
The material at the center of the log, which has a pale red color similar to salmon pink, is called ``red meat'' and is highly esteemed.It has been used for a long time as a material for Japanese-style shoji screens and ceiling panels because it does not warp easily and is resistant to mold.