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We recommend a compact tree for warm Christmas decorations, and an eco-friendly and cute wooden tree that can be used every year.

By placing a small wooden tree, you can add a touch of elegance to the atmosphere of your room and instantly feel like Christmas.

Introducing wooden Christmas tree objects that are tasteful and will put a smile on your face and won't interfere with your interior decor.


  • クリスマス気分を一気に盛り上げます
  • 毎年使えます
  • プレゼントにもいいかも
  • 大人可愛いセンス抜群


Forest Crafts Center Stage Tree Christmas Figurine

It is also recommended as a first tree where small children can play.

A stage tree made of plug wood that gives you a sense of warmth.

You can place the Christmas ornaments wherever you like.

All 11 ornaments have cute motifs, and you can place them in any position you like and play with your child.

Forest Crafts Center Stage Tree [Green] Christmas Figurine

Forest Crafts Center Marble Tree Christmas Ornaments

This is a tree that can be displayed near the window and enjoy the sunlight.

It is compact with a height of 20 cm, so it is easy to fit in a room where you live alone, on a dining table, or in a window sill.

Colorful marbles decorate the tree like glass balls, making your heart excited with their crystal shine day and night.

It is a small gift that will surely be enjoyed by those who receive it at a reasonable price, such as for a Christmas party or a small seasonal greeting.

Forest Crafts Museum Colorful Seasonal December Christmas

The popular series of colorful seasonal calendars, December is one of the most popular items, and the loveliness of each motif will make you feel warm.

This ornament, which is compact yet expresses a lot of Christmas, is not only a Christmas tree, but also uses the warmth of the tree to express the warmth inside your home even though it's cold outside.

You can decorate it while thinking about this season coming every year.

It is also recommended for those who spend Christmas away from their families.

Forest Crafts Museum Colorful Seasonal December Christmas



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