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As a Christmas present for your working boyfriend, buy miscellaneous goods made from artisanal wood that give you the warmth of wood.

No need to worry anymore. Wooden miscellaneous goods are perfect for Christmas gifts that will be loved for a long time.

エボニーウッドの木製腕時計 40mm 男性向け Schatz エボニーウッド文字盤

The beauty of wooden miscellaneous goods

1. Timeless design <br/>Wood goods are timeless and offer designs that will be loved for a long time.

2. The value increases with the years of use . As you age, wooden miscellaneous goods become more attached and beautiful to use.

3. Simple and eye-catching design Although it is not flashy, it is simple but can attract the attention of others and is perfect for creating a topic.

Christmas gifts for a working boyfriend

1. Competition with price brand products <br/>If you choose a brand name product with a high price, you may find yourself competing with others or having your value trampled upon.

2. Difficulty with his tastes <br/>His tastes are not clear or his tastes do not match with other people's, which is a problem.

3. Comparison with seniors <br/>Sometimes I worry that my seniors have better things.

Recommended wooden miscellaneous goods

All Mokutopia products can be gift wrapped. Please feel free to contact us.

Kumiko card case

The Kumiko card case, made using advanced technology, makes an impression when exchanging business cards, and is also useful for self-introductions and ice-breaking.

A variety of woods are used, including Akita cedar, walnut, purple heart, and Cameroon ebony, allowing you to enjoy the color, texture, and grain of the material itself.

Since it has a built-in magnet, there is no need to worry about the lid opening unexpectedly. Items that can be used for a long time are perfect as gifts for loved ones.

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Wooden watch/Apple watch band

The wooden watch brand "EINBAND" is a great option that allows you to enjoy the warmth of natural wood.

A variety of woods are used, including maplewood, acacia, sandalwood, walnut, and red sandalwood, allowing you to enjoy the natural color and grain of the wood.

We have a wide variety of bands that will suit even the Apple Watch fan.

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