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With cuteness as our motto

Magewappa Workshop E08 (Iwappa)

It is not the world of so-called craftsmen,
We will work on creating products that have never been seen before, making the charm of crafts more familiar.

For the future of traditional crafts in Odate

I want to do my best for Akita and Odate, so that I can continue to pass on the traditional crafts that have been passed down to future generations without dying out, and so that I can also work on training young craftsmen as traditional craftsmen. I'll come.

Creating products that are close to our customers

We strive to create products that have never been seen before by incorporating a woman's perspective, and to pay close attention to the customer's perspective.

Strength that comes from being a creator and a user

Based on about 20 years of practical experience, I would like to express my feelings not only as a maker but also in the process of making bento boxes on a daily basis, and to cherish conversations with customers and work together with the users. I am.

〒016-5751 秋田県大館市二井田字村下165-2

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