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KOBAN (covered) pine 450ml magewappa bento box

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It is made from thick natural cedar that is over 150 years old.

Unpainted (white wood) makes white rice even more delicious.

Amasugi is known for its ability to regulate moisture well, making it resistant to damage even in the summer.

■Name <br>Oval-shaped lunch box Odate traditional crafts

■Size Body (inner size): Approximately 104 x 149 x 35 (mm)
Lid included (external dimensions): Approx. 123 x 160 x 35 (mm)

■Cleaning your lunch box : Before each use, wet it with lukewarm water or water (to prevent oil stains) and fill it with rice, etc.
- After use, remove dirt with hot water that is hot enough to touch, and wash thoroughly with a scrubbing brush or coarse sponge. You can use cleanser or neutral detergent. (Do not use bleach)
・Rinse thoroughly and avoid direct sunlight, best in a well-ventilated place. Let dry thoroughly for 24 hours. (If you bring 2 or more, you can use them alternately)

■Notes - As this item is completely handmade, there may be slight differences in the listed size etc. - Depending on your monitor environment, the appearance of the wood grain and color may differ from the actual product.

KOBAN(被せ)松 450ml 曲げわっぱのお弁当箱 上下
KOBAN (covered) pine 450ml magewappa bento box Sale price¥14,300

About magewappa

What is Magewappa?

Magewappa has a long history and is a traditional product that has been around for 1300 years.
It has been excavated from ruins from the Heian period.
According to one theory, it was made by lumberjacks using straight-grained cedar.

The Satake Nishi family, who became the lords of Odate Castle, took advantage of the abundant Akita cedar in their territory and encouraged lower-ranking samurai to make it as a side job or side job, and this is how the Odate magewappa industry developed.

Natural cedar grown in the harsh cold environment of Tohoku has a beautiful straight grain (wood grain) and is resilient.
It is created through a careful processing process using only straight parts with no joints.

Magewappakobo E08

Magewappa Workshop E08 (Iwappa)

The representative, Eri Nakazawa, is a craftsman of the traditional craft ``Odate Magewappa'' in Odate City, and is the first female traditional craftsperson in the Magewappa industry.

We incorporate women's perspectives and deliver products that have never been seen before.