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maple wood apple watch band

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*The model generation and size are listed on the back of the Apple Watch. Please be sure to check before purchasing.

We were able to create a dedicated Apple Watch band made of natural wood using our unique technology, which incorporates the world's most advanced technology. A wooden band with the warmth that only natural wood can provide.

The stylish design brings out the charm of Apple Watch in a different way than usual. Natural wood is lightweight and becomes more lustrous with each use. As you use it, the luster will give it an even more luxurious feel.

■About belt adjustment <br>A belt adjustment tool is included in the delivery.
You can also give it as a gift.

■About titanium buckles <br>We recommend titanium buckles for those with metal allergies.
*In rare cases, some people may have an allergic reaction, so please check in advance.

■Name <br>Wooden watch Ein band Wooden band AppleWatch

■Material Maple wood

■Size Band length: 202mm
Band width: 20.0mm

■Warranty period
1 year

■About maintenance - Wooden watches are made of natural wood, so please be careful if you subject them to strong impacts or drop them from a high place, as there is a risk of damage.
・As the wooden surface is coated, there is no problem with some rain or sweat, but please be sure to remove it when taking a pool or bath.
- If it gets wet, wipe it off with a towel and dry it in the shade before use.
・In rare cases, the compatibility between the wood and the skin may be poor and the skin may become red and rough, so if your skin becomes irritated, please stop using it immediately.
-If you have any other problems, please contact us so we can take care of it. We will repair the product free of charge within the warranty period. *Please keep it in a safe place so that you can present the warranty.

■Please note : As we use natural wood, please note that each wood grain may differ from the photo.
・Depending on your monitor environment, the appearance of wood grain and color may differ from the actual product.
・Apple Watch itself is not included.
-This item is only sold as a band, so the frame is not included.

アップルウォッチバンド 天然木 Bタイプ Maple wood
maple wood apple watch band Sale price¥6,300


This is an original Japanese brand that has been active as the "Kizuna" brand since 2012.
Einbund means "bond" in German.

“A bond is created just by each person wearing one.”

"We can live together at the same time"

This is a brand that was launched from the desire to become a brand like that.
The EINBAND logo is characterized by a cool design.
The design is inspired by the tip of a clock's second hand.

Apple Watch Belt

Apple Watch, a collection of the world's best technology

Create that belt with EINBAND

Achieves a stylish design without sacrificing the smart look even when attached to the Apple Watch.

Since the material is wood, it has a warm design and a luxurious finish.

Texture and luster unique to wooden belts

Since it is made of wood, it becomes more shiny with each use.

As you use it, it will become more glossy than when it was new, giving it an even more luxurious feel.

Design that can be used by men and women of all ages

A belt with natural colors that pursues a design that can be used by anyone, young or old.

Anyone can wear it.
I'm pursuing that kind of color.

Lightweight and warm belt

This belt is very lightweight and warm because it is made of natural wood.

The push-type buckle allows for smooth attachment and detachment when worn on the arm.