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Bond Spray Glue Z-3 430ml

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■Name <br>Bond Spray Glue Z-3 Synthetic rubber adhesive 430ml

■Applications : For strong adhesion of metal, wood, hard plastic, urethane foam, glass mats, cardboard, and lining leather.

・Outdoor posters ・Wallpapers/wall cloths ・Fixing of P tiles and carpets ・Fixing of plywood and metal plates ・Insulation and soundproofing material work

■Features : Strong adhesive type that can be used even on rough surfaces. JIS A 5549 certified product.

■Size <br>Approx. W68 x D68 x H204 (mm)

■Contents <br>Approx. 430ml

■Nonvolatile content

■Color tone <br>Pale yellow-white

■Precautions <br>Be careful with firearms and high temperatures.This is a flammable product that uses high-pressure gas and is dangerous, so please follow the precautions below.

1. Do not use near flames or fire.
2. Do not use in large quantities indoors where open flames are used.
3. Do not place the product in places where the temperature will exceed 40 degrees, such as in direct sunlight or near fire, as there is a risk of explosion if the product is exposed to high temperatures.
4. Do not put it into fire.
5. Use it up and throw it away.

■Manufacturer <br>Konishi

■JAN code