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[Limited to 30 pieces] Enishi 1st anniversary Ver. Kumiko work card case

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Delivery will be from mid-August onwards.

This is a limited edition model of 30 pieces to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Shinboku brand debut.
We will engrave the serial number upon delivery.

The limited edition model's kumiko work is the first to be seen in ``Giant'', and the design is different from existing products.

A kumiko card case made using sophisticated techniques.
Please use it to spice up the conversation when you first meet someone and create an element of surprise.

It has a built-in magnet, so there is no need to worry about the lid opening unexpectedly.

Wooden horizontal business card holder business card holder business card case traditional craft

Natural Akita cedar× walnut
Kamishiro cedar x Cameroon ebony


Natural Akita cedar x walnut: approx. 29g
Kamishiro cedar x Cameroon ebony: approx. 33g

■Notes - This product is made by hand by craftsmen using natural wood.
・There may be individual differences in wood grain, color, and current condition. Please note.
-Cedar products are very soft, so please handle with care.
- Prolonged direct sunlight may cause fading and deformation.
・Dry or humid conditions may cause warping or cracking.
・For cleaning, please wipe gently with a soft cloth that has been wrung out.
・Depending on your monitor environment, the appearance of wood grain and color may differ from the actual product.