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Potato udon 240g

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This is the "traditional" Noshiro udon that has been loved in Noshiro since the Meiji period.

It is characterized by its smooth texture and chewy texture. (Thin round noodles: approx. 1mm)
It is popular for cold zaru udon noodles and kiritanpo nabe, and can be enjoyed either cold or hot.

■Name <br>Katakuri udon dried udon udon noodles noodles noodles dried noodles

■Ingredients name <br>Wheat flour (domestic production), salt

■Contents capacity

■Storage method : Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

■Nutritional information display (per 100g)
Calories: 348kcal
Protein 8.5g
Fat 1.1g
Carbohydrate 71.9g
Salt equivalent: 4.3g

■Precautions : Please be careful if you have any allergies to the raw materials used.
・This product manufacturing factory produces products containing soba.

Potato udon 240g
Potato udon 240g Sale price¥220