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Color arrangement toy Narabekko

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Anyone can play regardless of age! A toy that will last a lifetime.

A pocket-sized color sorting toy that uses your fingertips and brain.
Have fun rearranging the colors vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

It can be enjoyed by both children and adults, and can also be used as a rattle.
When it was small, it was used as a rattle. As your child grows older, you can have fun learning colors, matching colors, and sorting as your child grows.

This toy is also very popular as a baby gift or birthday present.

In Europe, it has been certified by the well-known spiel gut, and in Japan, Muku-studio's works have been certified with 7, the most in Japan.

It uses paint that is safe to put in the mouth, so even small children can play with it with confidence.

■The secret story behind the birth of Narabekko
Shortly after starting Muku-studio, I was holding on to a strap on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line when the prototype for ``Narabekko'' popped into my head.
I hurried back to my atelier and started making a prototype, but I didn't have any materials that were sized to match my image, and it was a hassle, so I just made a mini size using smaller materials. After doing that, I was kind of satisfied with it, and thought, ``Huh? Isn't it okay to commercialize it as is?'' So I commercialized it.
After that, it gained popularity as being just the right pocket size, and we continue to sell it today. We are working to improve quality and safety by repeatedly making minor changes without anyone knowing.
This is one of the toys that is also certified by spiel gut.

■What is spiel gut?

The spiel gut (spiel gut), also known as the orange mark, is allowed to be affixed only to toys recommended by the German Council for Children's Play and Toys. It is being
This is a familiar name for toys in Europe, but in Japan, Muku-studio has the most certified works in Japan, with seven.

■Name <br>Toy Educational Toy Toy Wooden Rattle

■Set contents <br>Main body x 1

■Size Package: W97 x D137 x H36 (mm)
Body: W115 x D78 x H30 (mm)

■Weight <br>Approx. 85g

■Materials Maple, dogwood

■Precautions : To avoid unexpected accidents, please be sure to use this product under the supervision of a guardian.
・For safety reasons, please do not use damaged or deformed products.
- Please do not chew or lick the wooden toy as it may cause deformation, cracking, or parts falling off.
・If there are small parts, please be careful not to let children accidentally swallow them.
・Please do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
- There is a risk of deterioration or damage due to long-term use. Please check before use, and if there is any abnormality, please stop using it immediately.
・Please do not hit, throw, or handle the product roughly.
・Do not leave it in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places for long periods of time.
・If it gets wet for a long time, it may become deformed or crack after drying. If it gets wet, wipe it off immediately.
・There may be slight differences in the sizes listed.
・Depending on your monitor environment, the appearance of wood grain and color may differ from the actual product.

色並べおもちゃ ならべっこ
Color arrangement toy Narabekko Sale price¥3,630

Muku studio

Muku-studio contributes to society by creating an environment where children can share their dreams, hopes, and joy.

“I want to share with more people the joy of creating a variety of games with simple toys and simple ideas!”

That is the origin of Muku-studio.