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Rafter lock 5.5×105mm 100 pieces Bit included

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*The outer box has some dirt and damage.

■Name <br>Rafter lock screw screw screw WAKAI Wakai Sangyo

■Features - Ensures tensile strength equivalent to twist hardware (ST-12).
By directly fixing the rafters to the girders, you can eliminate the need to side-mount twist hardware on each rafter and girder.

■Contents capacity
100 pieces

■Size and diameter x total length (mm): 5.5 x 105

■Material <br>Iron

■Notes - Please use rafters with a width of 45 mm or more.
- If the screw size is not specified, select a screw size that will not penetrate through the horizontal frame material.
- When fastening the rafters, install the screws at right angles to the flow direction of the rafters.
・Please install so that the top of the screw head and the surface of the rafter are flush. - Mark the screw fastening position on the upper end of the rafter. At this time, make sure that the screws are fastened in a position that allows for a distance of at least 15 mm between the edges of the horizontal members, and within the range where the rafters and horizontal members come into contact.
- The slope of the roof should be from no slope to a sufficient slope.
・Since the screws will no longer be visible after the field board is installed, we recommend taking photos to confirm the installation of the screws.
・Do not install in areas where screws will be exposed.

■Manufacturer <br>Wakai Sangyo Co., Ltd.

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Rafter lock 5.5×105mm 100 pieces Bit included
Rafter lock 5.5×105mm 100 pieces Bit included Sale price¥3,200