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Enishi Palo Santo Kumiko card case

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A kumiko card case made using sophisticated techniques.
Please use it to spice up the conversation when you first meet someone and create an element of surprise.

It has a built-in magnet, so there is no need to worry about the lid opening unexpectedly.

■What is Palo Santo ? Palo Santo is a wood native to South America with a yellow-green grain with stripes.
Immediately after sawing, the wood is yellow, but gradually changes color to a deep emerald green, giving off a sweet and noble fragrance, giving it a mysterious quality.
Palo Santo is called the "Tree of God" in Spanish because it is used as an incense in the churches of South America. <

■Name <br>Wooden horizontal business card holder Business card holder Business card case Traditional crafts

■Materials Akita cedar x palo santo walnut x palo santo


■Weight Akita cedar x palo santo: approx. 35g
Walnut x Palo Santo: Approx. 50g

■Notes - This product is made by hand by craftsmen using natural wood.
・There may be individual differences in wood grain, color, and current condition. Please note.
-Cedar products are very soft, so please handle with care.
- Prolonged direct sunlight may cause fading and deformation.
・Dry or humid conditions may cause warping or cracking.
・For cleaning, please wipe gently with a soft cloth that has been wrung out.
・Depending on your monitor environment, the appearance of wood grain and color may differ from the actual product.

About Shinboku

Maki, Kamiki, Friendship

``shinboku'' is our philosophy of pursuing authenticity, ``maki'' represents our core craftsmanship, ``sacred wood'' represents our gratitude and respect for the rich natural resources and the region that provides them, and It has three meanings: ``friendship'' and the hope of expanding the circle of encounters for the future.

While maintaining the core of wood processing that we have inherited and cultivated from our predecessors, we will continue to propose new forms of traditional techniques to as many people as possible, creating new value and new encounters.

Passing on tradition to the future

Tradition to the future

While maintaining the wisdom and techniques of our predecessors that have been passed down through the ages, and the wood processing that we have cultivated, we propose traditional techniques in a new form, bringing new value and new encounters to more people. We provide.

Craftmanship/Finest material

Best craftsmanship, best materials

We do not use any iron screws or nails, and only use traditional Kumiko techniques.
Achieving this requires a very high level of craftsmanship that does not allow even a 0.1mm deviation.
We deliver the highest quality products using all natural high-quality wood materials.

Bringing traditional Japanese craftsmanship into your life

Bringing traditional kumiko techniques into your daily life

We have designed the design to make it easy to incorporate Kumiko, a decorative technique used in traditional Japanese fittings, into your daily life.
Please enjoy the traditional technique of ``kumiko'', a field that joiners craftsmen master, and the highest quality texture using natural high-quality materials.